This is where you can catch me during 2019! More dates will be added...

Harp Academy at Voksenåsen, Oslo (NO) - February 2-3
US tour - April 8-24
Proitzer Harfentage, Proitzer Mühle (DE) -  April 25-28
Somerset Harp Festival, Parsippany NJ (US) - July 19-22
Rendsburger Harfentage (DE) - October 11-13
Nordic Harp Meeting, Gjövik (NO) - October 24-27
Tour in China with Terje Isungset and Icemusic - November 1-26

Previous years:

In 2018 I took part of the Somerset Harp Festival in New Jersey for the first time, and also returned to another of my all-time favorite festivals - the Harfentreffen in Germany. Together with other apperances at the Rendsburger Harfentage, Proitzer Harfentage and harp days in Stockholm, Tallinn and Malmö (to name a few) I also organized the Nordic Harp Meeting in Lund, so this was a pretty busy year!

In 2017 I visited Estonia twice - first for a harp weekend in Tallinn and then organizing and performing at the Nordic Harp Meeting in Viljandi. In the spring I taught at the Proitzer Mühle Harfentage for the first time (going back there in 2018) and also played at the biggest Nordic-themed festival in the US, Norsk Höstfest. Finally I had the honour of being part of the amazing 3rd Virtual Harp Summit (read more about that here)!

2016 was a relatively calm year with performances/workshops mostly in Tallinn and San Francisco but also at the Nordic Harp Meeting in Denmark.

In 2015 I taught at the Dinan International Celtic Harp Festival again as well as harp events in Amsterdam, Tallinn, Munich, Los Angeles and not least the VAKA folk festival in Akureyri, Iceland!

In 2014 I went to the Nordic Harp Meeting in Norway, taught and performed at the Pentreffest festival in Cardiff, The Dusty Strings Harp Symposium in Seattle, Harfentreffen in Germany, Moniaive Folk Festival in Scotland and The Prague Harp Festival.