Erik Ask-Upmark is one of very few harpists focusing on Nordic music on the Celtic harp. He is a sought-after performer and teacher, praised for his pedagogic skills, and has appeared at most major European harp events as well as festivals in North and South America. Recordings include a solo album with Swedish traditional music (the critically acclaimed “Heaven's Polska”) as well as CDs with groups and projects in genres ranging from folk to heavy metal! He has been awarded the "Riksspelman" title ("official Swedish master musician") and also plays many other instruments and types of harps, including the medieval Gothic harp and the Baroque Arpa doppia. He performs early music and Nordic roots music both as a soloist and with his own groups Svanevit, Dråm and Falsobordone (as well as occasionally working with larger ensembles such as Concerto Copenhagen and Ensemble Mare Balticum) and tours all over the world.

Erik is also a producer and organizer and in 2018, he will be hosting the 11th Nordic Harp Meeting in his home city of Lund in southern Sweden. You can read more about the Nordic Harp Meeting here!

Sheet music and workshop material will be posted here soon, meanwhile you're welcome to have a listen to some recordings via Soundcloud:

or telephone: +46(0)704-051395