Here, you can find sheet music and recordings to help you study the tunes you most likely have encountered at one of my workshops! I recommend my CDs (all of which you can find here) but short recordings are included here as well. This page will be continuosly updated with more tunes.

I also have the sheet music books the Nordic Harp Book 1 & 2 for sale, either as PDF (visit Sylvia Woods to purchase and download) or e-mail me if you prefer a "real" copy!


  Tunes taught at Rendsburger Harfentage, Oct 11-13: Emma, Jungfrun hon växer båd' smaler och lång, Ingen har såna hästar, Tholson Schottische, Rosenberg's polska, Fransosen
  Tunes taught/played at the Harp Day in Farum (Copenhagen), Sep.28:
Rosenberg's Polska, Björnlåten, Herr Mannelig
  Tunes from my workshops at Somerset Folk Harp Festival, July 18-21: Nordic Music 101 - Repertoire Builder - Fun With Scales - Early Music for the harp
The Eternal Polska (slängpolska)
  Herr Mannelig, medieval ballad Hur du vänder dig, slängpolska Ingen har såna hästar, long dance
  Jungfrun hon växer båd' smaler och lång Var det du eller var det jag Björnlåten (The Bear Tune)